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Application Procedure

PhD offers and application procedure

Thesis proposals are available on EDSI website (PhD proposals) as well as on hosting laboratories’ and project’s websites.

If you wish to apply for a PhD at the EDSI Doctorate School at University of Evry (UEVE) or at TSP, you should first decide of a subject you are interested in, then choose a laboratory and establish contact with your potential PhD supervisor. You will find a list of PhD subjects and the person in charge to be contacted in the PhD proposals section.

Financial support is mandatory to apply to the EDSI PhD program. The duration of the funding must be at least three years, and can be provided by various sources: salary, scholarship or grant. A description of funding possibilities can be found here.

When you have successfully completed the process (you have found a hosting laboratory, a PhD supervisor and a PhD funding, and your application has been accepted by EDSI Doctorate School), the final step of your application will be to register in first year (application form).